Better utilize your closet and 
reveal your most authentic style with
The Style Editor.

Style that reflects your true self requires much consideration.

Yet the time, patience and reflection required to make the best sartorial choices is often hastily put aside in our busy lives. The frequent result is a closet full of clothing for which you lack enthusiasm. We can all envision the classic "I have nothing to wear" gripe, while standing in front of a bursting closet.

The Style Editor is a service to help make a strategy for your wardrobe, starting with its contents right now. 

We work together to draw the magic out of the pieces in your possession based on your current lifestyle needs, and identify how to improve upon your look to maximize your most authentic style. The service continues by providing assistance with items that no longer serve your needs, donating to a cause of your choice, or reselling them for the most value possible online, via consignment, or in the buy-trade-sell stores of New York City.

The result of a Style Edit appointment will be a stronger sense of personal style, a focused closet shed of items that no longer serve you, recommendations for strengthening your wardrobe, and extra cash to go shopping with.

Make your wardrobe work harder for you, with The Style Editor.

Style Strategy

As your body and life goals change, so should your look. Contemplate and identify your dressing needs, style aspirations, and the most flattering fit, fabrics, and cuts for you.


Closet Edit

A review of all the seasonally appropriate clothes in your wardrobe. This step refreshes your approach to much loved pieces, reconsiders underutilized items, and filters out the rejects.


Resale Plan + Donations

Unloved pieces will find another home in the resale market, or through charitable donation. The Style Editor will manage this process for you, or leave you with a plan of action.