Passionate about reclaiming dressing for oneself, Iman Leslie created The Style Editor in autumn 2013 after years of editing her own closet and lamenting how much of its contents didn't suit her actual lifestyle. Having worked at the luxury online retailer as a Personal Shopper, Fashion Advisor, and product specialist for more than six years, Iman saw first hand that the appetite for fashion far outpaces the needs it fulfills, and often quite poorly, giving trends too much weight in our lives. Fashion mistakes are costly financially and emotionally, sparing very few - even a professional Personal Shopper! 

Iman recognized that these costly shopping errors could be redeemed by utilizing the abundant online resale market, as well as consignment and buy-trade-sell stores. However, the real perk of closet editing is uncovering what truly suits your body, preferences, and lifestyle - and having a wardrobe that supports your image goals, rather than confusing them with self identities discarded long ago.

Iman grew up in Montclair, New Jersey and studied economics at Montclair State University while working in fashion production in New York City. She eventually began working at Ruby boutique on Church Street, Montclair's most charming shopping destination. There she learned a tremendous amount about comprehensive service and the personal touch from owners Beth Stricoff and Daniella Liben Pally. She was then trained in luxury e-commerce sales while working with a global clientele at While at Net-A-Porter, Iman studied Global Fashion Management at night, receiving a Masters of Professional Studies from the Fashion Institute of Technology in May, 2012.

Iman is proud that The Style Editor empowers men and women to reveal their authentic selves through dressing and of its sustainable approach to fashion.